Why Won’t Anyone Take My Money???

I get asked this question multiple times a week.  People get frustrated that no company answers their phone.  Worst yet, when they call the company to let them know they are hired they still get the runaround!

Here at Deptford Fence we will gladly take your money!  And we will actually answer our phones and show up as promised as well.  Pretty weird right?

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Who Will You Trust With Your Next Investment?

Most companies have a fairly high turnover rate and that is really bad news for you.  How is that a problem for your fencing project?  The problem is that it puts  other companies into a position where they will hire just about anyone to fill their empty spots.  Some will be good, and some will be not so good or just down right horrible.  They get rid of the horrible employees and keep the good and not so good.  Eventually the good ones realize their worth and move onto better paying jobs while the below average employees stay right where they are.  These are the guys that show up everyday and do just enough not to get fired.  The other issue is they are constantly training new employees and you are left with a very small percentage that actually knows what they are doing.

I found The Solution To This Huge Problem.

I found out there was a solution to almost eliminate turnover, and to eliminate all but the best employees.  That solution was to pay an extremely high wage so that the best employees never felt the desire to leave my company.  On average my crew are paid double what any other company pays.

Does that cut into my bottom line?  Absolutely! 

But you know what, I realize that my company will only be as good as my weakest employee.  I am also a firm believer that everyone should be successful, not just the owner.  Employees at Deptford Fence are able to take care of their family comfortably which leads to better personal relationships since they do not have to argue about money.  Which, as you know, is the leading cause of breakups and divorce.

So by having employees that are happy in their personal lives leads to employees that are happy at work.  Happy workers show up everyday, work harder, and most importantly of all, care about the work that they perform.

This is why Deptford Fence has been so successful over the past few years.  


The Deptford Difference

So what have we done at Deptford Fence that has made us the #1 sought after company in a very short period of time?

I guess it really comes down to two things.

1. We actually care about you and your family.  You are probably thinking, “Yeah right, he just cares about the money.”.  But if you take the time to look at our Google reveiws HERE, you will get a better idea of how we run our company.  Yes, we are here to make money, but the satisfaction of working with great people normally outweighs the short term joy of money.

2. Our advertising is pretty good.  How else did everyone hear about this brand new company in the first few years?  Fortuneately we have built a solid reputation in the past few years and don’t need to advertise nearly as much.

That’s pretty much it.  We go the extra mile and make sure people know about us.


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Not Perfect.......Yet.

Meet The Incredibly Odd Owner Joe.

Some Things To Consider

I know you have seen it a few times on my site already but please realize that you are not buying a printer or some other inexpensive item.  Please consider your options carefully.

It's Just A Fence, Right??
I mean, how hard could it be? Dig some holes, set some posts, hang a gate or two and you have a nice new fence.  Or your project could turn out like a previous customer where we had to rip out an entire fence and reinstall the entire thing.

My Awesomely Horrible Pool Company Experience

I was unfortunately one of those poor souls that hired a company based on their low price and their great salesman.  Sure, I spent about $5k less than we could have but I now get to look at shoddy work that pisses me off on a pretty regular basis.  And the worst part? I took a home equity loan out anyway.  The extra $5k would have been like $50 a month!

Sorry, I’ll get back to the story….

Everything started off great until right after the hole was dug. When the company came in it was like Christmas for us.  We took tons of pictures and looked at this giant hole for hours like there was dinosaur fossils at the bottom.

And then the nightmore began.   

Weeks of delays followed by a big issue they swore was supposed to be that way even though it clearly shouldn’t have been. (Sound Familiar?) Don’t you hate it when contractors talk to you like you are a moron???

Anyway, I had to threaten them to not finish paying unless they would resolve the issue.  Magically they came out to fix the issue after a few weeks but things didn’t get any better. Basically, one issue would be resolved while 2 more popped up.

It got to the point where I told them I was not paying the remaining money and we would not be in contact anymore and I would just fix the issues myself.  This process should have been about 3-4 weeks and turned into 2 years.

Moral of the story: Do your research and hire the best company for your job.

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This Is A Long Term Investment.
The decision you make today will be the one you live with for the next 12-30+ years.

Most times we are competitive with other companies, however, sometimes we will be slightly higher.  Sometimes we can price match but more often than not we simply cannot due to higher labor costs (see above).

Please realize that $200-$400 increase for your project is less than $14 per year over the lifetime of your fence.

You Get What You Pay For.
Cheap prices usually mean poor quality, no insurance, no customer service after you pay, or the scariest looking installers you could imagine.
What Happens If You're Not Happy?
Take a look at the poor reviews for the other companies.  It usually comes down to lack of communication or failure to resolve any issues.  Of course this happens after you make your final payment.

We do NOT take your final payment until both parties are 100% happy with the project.  I do check all installations myself to ensure they are up to my standards.

What Happens After Your Fence Is Installed?
Again, take a look at other companies reviews.  Most poor ones are for unresolved issues after the final payment is made.  If there is an issue with your fence from day 1 to day 1095 we will be out as quickly as possible to resolve it.

We Aren’t The Only Ones That Think We Are Awesome!

A new fence is a large purchase and picking the right installer is very important. Product, professionalism, and installation all depend on the company. I am so glad I picked Deptford Fence. The owners are kind and truly wonderful people. The install team was fast, professional and did an amazing job on a day when the heat index was 100. My experience has been so great that my mother is getting a fence next with Deptford.


This fence company is hands down the best company to work with and does an amazing job. Joe and Maria are the most down to earth people and are very professional. They are passionate about what they do and it shows in every aspect. You will not be disappointed with them in any way. Joe came out and listened to what we wanted, answered all of questions, and came out for a final walk through to make sure everything met our expectations and his. You won’t find a better company to handle your fencing needs. Lastly, our dog gives his paw 🐾 of approval, too! Thank you Joe, Maria and your hard working employees!


Deptford Fence Company has got to be the best in south Jersey. Just recently completed my replacement fence installation. Had a 6ft vinyl privacy fence installed. From the initial call to the company to request a quote to the final day of installation, all was done superbly. Joe and Maria are the nicest people to deal with. After meeting Joe for the quote, he left an impression of an honest and knowledgeable person that you felt you could trust. The quote was the best I had gotten and I knew very quickly that his company was the one I wanted for the job. Nowadays it’s not often that you feel that you can trust someone with your hard earned money. His wife Maria couldn’t be nicer to deal with either. She is sincere and efficient, always keeping me up to date with the time schedule and emails are responded to quickly. Any questions or concerns are immediately answered. Last but not least, the installers are also very friendly and hard working individuals. They had to work through the hottest days of the summer but that never slowed them down. They worked hard everyday and finished the job on time. The end results were amazing. The fence looks spectacular. I certainly would highly recommend Deptford Fence.

Lorraine B


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