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Thanks for stopping by.  Obviously you are here because you are thinking about getting a new wood fence and are not sure what your options are.

When it comes to wood fences you basically have pressure treated and cedar to choose from.

But, which should you choose?  Read below to find out!

Pressure Treated Fences

This is a pressure treated fence.

Example of Pressure Treated Fence Panels

A quick run down on pressure treated fences:

Life Expectancy: About 10-15 years

Cost: Much Cheaper than a cedar fence.

Maintenance: You really should stain or seal every 2-3 years for maximum life.

Number Of Styles: Only 2 really, they are dog ear and stockade.

Limitations: Can not rack much at all.  Racking is the fence’s ability to go up a slop without having to step up the panels.  (See the example below).  Notice how the top image has the fence going with the slope of the hill?  You can do this with most all cedar, vinyl, aluminum, and chain link fences.  For pressure treated the absolute most you can rack it is about 3″ per 8′ panel.

Warning: Do NOT buy stockade fence panels from Home Depot or Lowes!  The quality is absolutely horrible!

This shows a wood fence step down method.

Example Of Racking Fence Panels and Stair Stepping Fence Panels


Cedar Fences

This is a privacy cedar fence.      This is a cedar fence.     This is a cedar picket fence.

Examples Of Cedar Fence Panels

A quick run down on cedar fences:

Life Expectancy: About 25-30 years

Cost: One of the more expensive fences.

Maintenance: You can stain/seal every 2-3 years or you can just leave it to gray naturally over time and still expect 25 years.

Number Of Styles: You have a whole bunch to choose from.

Limitations: None


My final thought on which kind of wood fence to get:

Cedar fences are definitely the cream of the crop.  They look great and last a really long time.  However, if your budget is tight and need something for a few years then pressure treated is the way to go.

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