So, Who Is The Best Fence Company In South Jersey?

It really comes down to personal preference I guess.  It  usually breaks down into a few different categories.  Low prices, the best customer service, quality materials, and if the company use subcontractors.  What would be great if there was a company that is able to check off each of these areas.

Fence Companies With Low Prices

For some people their sole focus is price.  And that’s ok!  Trust me, I know the last thing that you want to spend money on is a fence.  The only thing worse is buying a refrigerator lol!  Who in their right mind says to themselves, “Hey, I REALLY want to spend a few grand on a fence.”Let’s be real, you would much rather spend that money on a great vacation for yourself and your family.  That’s where we come in.  It’s going to feel less painful to trade an awesome vacation for a fence when you hire Deptford Fence.  I guess this is a great segue into our next preference.

Fence Companies With The Best Customer Service

For other people the only thing that is important to them is that they a pleasant experience with no issues.  And to be honest, there is not one fence company that can guarantee there will be no issues.  Let’s face it, we are all human and will always make mistakes.  And I think that most people are ok if something goes wrong, as long as the issue is fixed right away.

One of the things I always say to customers is that if I am not the type of person that will tell you something is supposed to be like that even though we both no it’s not supposed to be like that.  I will never treat you like an idiot or try to get something over on you!  I simply do not have morals that would allow me to do something like that.  Plus, it doesn’t do my  company any good.  I tell everyone that my goal is to install a fence for everyone you know.  I want your friends, family, neighbors, mail man, you get the point.

By the year 2020 I want the first fence company that people think of is Deptford Fence.  Right now there are two fence companies that have been in business for 30+ years and that is who everyone uses.  The problem with that is I know we are better than them in every way possible. 

Have you ever looked at the reviews  for these other guys?  You’ll notice that all of them have bad ones due to one simple fact.  If something goes wrong, they make no attempt to make it right.  What’s worse?  They don’t care!  I always check to see how all the other fence companies are compared to me and I laugh when I see these horrible reviews.  If they would simply treat people like they would like to be treated they would have awesome reviews like us.  Unfortunately for you, they simple do not care.

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Fence companies that use the best materials

Another thing people have concerns about is that the fence company they choose to use provides quality materials for the installation.  I’m not going to name names but there is a certain store in the Turnersville area that sells a ton of railings but their fences are total junk!  And the worst part?  Even their drivers know the quality is worse than Home Depot and Lowes!  How could you sell a product knowing that it simple will not last?  My philosophy is simple, if I wouldn’t use something at my house, I will NEVER use it at yours!  Like I said before, my morals will not allow me to do something like that.  If I see a previous customer when I am out shopping I want to be able to look them in the eye and ask how they have been.  I don’t want to try and hide from them becuase I know their fence is one storm away from falling down.

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Does Your Fence Company Use Subcontractors?

One of the questions I get asked all the time is if we use subcontractors.  And the simple answer is not now, not ever!  My business is way too important to trust the installations to someone else.  Sure, I would pay way less money but at what cost?  If something goes wrong are the subcontractors going to fix it?  How do I know that these subcontractors didn’t just get out of jail for a dangerous crime?  How do I know that these subcontractors aren’t going to show up to your house after getting high?  How do I know that these subcontractors aren’t creepy in general?  I don’t!  That’s why we don’t use them.  Simple concept that other business just don’t understand.

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Will The Owner Be Involved During The Fence Installation Process?

When I go out to quotes I am asked on a regular basis is if I will be installing their fence.  And the good news for you is probably not lol!

Yes, I do great work.

Yes, I am dependable.

Yes, I am extremely friendly.

Yes, I show up when I say I will.

But you know what?  My crew do these same exact thing!  If they didn’t, they would not be working for me!  Again, I want to be the best and I can’t do that with subcontractors or lazy employees.

My employees are as good as me with one big exception.  They are probably twice as fast as me.  For what ever reason I never was able to move as quick as these guys.  Maybe it’s my ADD that I lose my level or tape measure 97 times each day that costs me an hour or two.  Who knows?  What I do know is that when my guys show up you can expect people that are friendly, hard working, knowledgeable, and are experts at what they do.

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The Clear Winner For Being The Best Fence Company In South Jersey Is…..

The clear winner is Deptford Fence of course lol!  What? You thought I would tell you that some one else is better than us?  I know the motto for these other businesses is to do the bare minimum, but not us!  If I thought going into this I wouldn’t be the best fence company in South Jersey I would have never started.  Who wants to be second best?
Between our insane customer service, the industries best installers, low prices  all year, and the fact that we genuinely care about you, how could you go wrong?
I always say the following because it’s 100% true.  And in the beginning it felt like I was talking down about my company.  But then I realized that we are human and unfortunately there is always that chance that something will go wrong.  We may not be perfect, but we are a pretty great fence company and will make sure that you are 100% satisfied when we are finished.  And as a customer I know that something may go wrong.  As long as it is taken care of right away I am 100% fine.  Actually, I’m probably more impressed when they screw up and then fix the situation right away.  And if they genuinely apologize I will literally tell everyone the story and how great they are.