Black Chain Link Fence

Black Chain Link Fence

Do you need an economical fence that will stand the test of time?  Do you want a fence that will keep little ones and pets in while not obstructing your view?  Read below to learn about black vinyl chain link fencing.

This is a black chain link fence.

When Choosing Chain Link Fencing You Basically Have Two Options.

  • Galvanized or silver chain link
  • Vinyl Coated (My personal preference)

Galvanized is the style that you probably grew up with.  All the posts, rails, fabric (the actual chain link) are silver.  Though not the prettiest option this is the most durable.

Vinyl coated most commonly comes in black and green.  If going with a colored chain link fabric I would definitely use the same colored rails and posts for a uniform look.  My favorite is the all black chain link.  It looks the nicest and completely blends into the background.

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