Of Course You are!

Why You Will Love Us:

We Answer The Phone (even after you have paid)

I know that sounds crazy but call the other companies to experience it yourself. 

And good luck getting a call back if there’s an issue after you have paid!

And this isn’t just for fencing either.  It’s so frustrating to hire someone to do work at my house.


We Show Up

This shouldn’t be a main selling point for a company but nowadays it is.  

We value your time as much as we value ours: If we make an appointment for a certain time, we show up for that appointment. 

The only thing that ever delays us is horrible traffic or if the previous customer had a ton of questions that needed to be answered. 

We Accept Hugs As Payment (not really)

Let’s face it, spending money on a fence is probably the last thing you want to do. 

If you are going to spends thousands of your hard earned money you mind as well spend it with people you enjoy.

We are known for our customer service and the ability to make a bunch of friends during the process.


What People Are Saying About Deptford Fence

Deptford Fence is a fabulous company. They installed my new fence on 3 sides of my yard (4th side is my neighbors fence) in August and did a great job at a great price. They also sank some boards in the ground along my neighbors fence line to prevent my dogs from digging underneath.

Yesterday my neighbors had a new fence installed by a different company. The installation left gaps between the end of my fence and theirs. The sunk boards were now further away from their fence. I called Deptford Fence to see what could be done and they sent someone to fix it THE SAME DAY!

They are a great company committed to great customer service. They have my highest recommendation!


A new fence is a large purchase and picking the right installer is very important. Product, professionalism, and installation all depend on the company. I am so glad I picked Deptford Fence. The owners are kind and truly wonderful people. The install team was fast, professional and did an amazing job on a day when the heat index was 100. My experience has been so great that my mother is getting a fence next with Deptford.


You Call.

We Answer. We Show Up

So Simple, yet so rare.

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