The History Of Deptford Fence Company

I thought I would share some information about myself and how Deptford Fence Company came to be.  Like most people I kind of meandered through life not really knowing what I would do when I grew up.  It seems like when you stop searching you actually find what you were looking for.  Or one small event triggers a domino effect that changes your life forever.

My one “small event” was that severe storm that tore through Woodbury and surrounding areas in 2014.  At the time I was a general manager for Mcdonalds at the Woodbury Heights location.  While the storm devastated several homes in the area we had just one vinyl post that was damaged in the storm.  I called the fence company and was told it would be $400 minimum labor plus the cost of the materials.  Yikes! To top it off I was told it would be 4-6 weeks before anyone would come out.

Anyone that knows me knows that I can pretty much figure out how to do anything with the help of Youtube.  Plus, I had already installed a few fences previously so I knew I could handle the job.  I spoke to my supervisor and asked if they would allow me to do the job instead.  They agreed and that started the domino effect.

After that I started advertising on Craigslist and picked up a few small jobs for the remainder of the year.  After a few months I was starting to get many phone calls due to Craigslist and also I started generating word of mouth advertising.  By the time winter came I knew that this could turn into something more than what it currently was.

Right now it was more of a hobby that I was able to make some money while doing.


You know the saying, “If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.”  For me, I LOVE making money!  I don’t care if it’s for me, or another business.  Whenever I go to a mom and pop store I always am thinking “If they would just do this one little thing it would have a profound effect on their business.”

Step 2

During the course of the winter  of 2015 I registered Deptford Fence Company and also created a website.  I spent several months deciding what I would do the following year.  I researched different forms of advertising and watched a ton of Youtube videos trying to figure out faster and better ways on installing fences.  At this point I had installed about 50 fences between 2014 and 2015.   I knew there was potential, just didn’t realize just how much.

That following spring time I chose to use the MoneyMailer to advertise.  Up until that point I was only use Craigslist to advertise.  Don’t get me wrong, Craigslist is great since it’s free.  And believe it or not, I met some awesome people on there.

The only problem with Craigslist is that my quotes were all over the place and I had limited time since I was already working over 50 hours a week for Mcdonalds.

That’s where MoneyMailer came in.  I was able to pick one area to advertise to.  So instead of traveling 30 minutes per quote I was able to get it down to 5-10 minutes.  That also ensured that my installations were close to my area as well.

Again, time was my most limited resource.

2016 Deptford Fence Company Results

2016 was awesome!  I did around 75 installations and most of the time I wasn’t even there!  It got to the point I started to use a family member as a helper and eventually had him installing when I was working my day job.

Talk About Stress!!!

In 2014 I started installing fences on the side.  By 2016 I had a crew running jobs while I was at my day job.  This crew was totally new to fencing and really only had about 3 months experience.

Let’s just say it was not the easiest of situations.  Most of the time they were fine but there was a handful of jobs that I needed to go back and fix.

There was one job in particular that I literally ripped everything out and started from scratch!

If there was a defining time in my life, this was it.  I was always able to basically keep my head down and just keep grinding but this was on a totally different level then ever before.  For most of 2016 my life consisted of leaving the house by 7:30 in the morning and not walking back into the house until 9:30 at night.

And this wasn’t just 5 days a week, no, this was EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!  I probably saw my son for about 4 hours a week if that.

Definitely not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

To pile on more stress my wife was not excited about me not being home at all.  I kept explaining to her that I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.  For her, understandably, it was difficult for her to see that light when I was never home.

Step 3

By the end of the fencing season in 2016 I KNEW that this would be my sole income in 2017.  During that winter I was basically mentally preparing myself for the most difficult decision of my life.

I had to be willing and able to leave my job that paid the mortgage, car payments, etc.  I had to decide that I was willing to bet only on myself and not depend on anyone else.  I have never went sky diving but that is pretty much what it felt like.  I had to be willing to jump out of the plane and know that my parachute would open.

Of course I kept these thoughts to myself until February.  We had a lot of personal stuff going on in our lives and I knew that my wife couldn’t deal with anything else.

Once February came I started telling Maria that I was going to put in my notice at work in the next few months.

I know she just tuned me out but when I came home that one night and told her I put in my notice let’s just say she didn’t take it very well lol.  She wasn’t upset with me but she was definitely scared of what the future would hold for us.  After all, I was the breadwinner and it was easy to think about all the “what ifs”.

2017 Deptford Fence Company Results

Today is Thanksgiving so technically these results will actually be even greater than what is listed.  As a company we have done about 225 installations so far which is about 250% more than last year!  Once everything is said and done we will do about 275 installations by the end of the year.

At the beginning of this year I pretty much tried every kind of advertising available to ensure that I had enough work for myself and my crew.  I spent way too much money on a number of avenues, but you know what?

Now I now what to focus my attention on and 2018 will be even busier!  I may have only been in business for 3 years but these other companies aren’t going to know what hit them in the years to come.

Funny what happens when you combine the best customer service, the best installation crews, and shifting our advertising focus away from the conventional methods everyone else uses.  If you are a local business owner and need direction on how to advertise please feel free to contact me.  My slow months are in the winter so if you need help I would ask between December and February.

Thank You For Everyone That Makes Deptford Fence Company Who The Best!!!

I want to take a minute to acknowledge the people that helped Deptford Fence Company to be what it is today.  I know I am the face of this company but behind the scenes is where the magic happens.

Maria aka “The Real Boss”

My wife Maria started helping early this season because I couldn’t keep my head above water anymore with the amount of calls, emails, and jobs that were coming in.  She went from knowing literally nothing about this business to running it!  At this point the only thing I am allowed to do is go to the customer’s house to discuss their best options and to measure the property.

Notice how I said allowed to do.  She takes her job seriously and will not allow anyone to take her job.  Let’s just say she is 4’11” and Italian, enough said lol.  She handles all emails, phone calls, doing the quotes, submitting the orders, scheduling the jobs, and managing the schedule for my crews.  She is awesome at what she does and I get compliments from pretty much every single person I meet.  The goal for next year is to get her some help so that she can begin to take over for me while I focus on the next phase for our company.

Terry aka “Dude”

The other person that become an integral part of my company is Terry.  He is my lead foreman and I can honestly say no one is better than him.  Terry is friendly, knowledgeable, does great work, shows up every day with a positive attitude, and I always receive compliments from every customer.  He will be a part of Deptford Fence Company for the long haul and can not wait to see the success he will achieve in the next few years.  When I am ready to retire, he will be the next owner of Deptford Fence Company.  He has the morals and integrity that are super important to me and my customers.

What’s next?? 

Over the next few months we will continue to do what made us so great.  Providing the best customer service while installing quality fences at a fair price.   I seriously can’t wait until you guys see what we will be doing in 2018.  I have a ton of ideas that are developing into actions and with Maria, there is no telling what we will accomplish!

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