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(856) 672-5887

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(856) 672-5887


Online Price Tool

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Least accurate of the 3 options.  Layouts under 150 feet are going to be way off.

Least accurate of the 3 options.  Layouts under 150 feet are going to be way off.

Most Informative

Schedule A Call

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More accurate than the online price tool and you get to talk to our helpful consultants. 

Most Accurate

Quick Measure

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The most accurate and takes less than 15 minutes.  Send a quick drawing for a very accurate price.

You're not just
buying a fence...

…if you were, it would be like Amazon. Two clicks and it’s on your doorstep.

But there’s a lot that goes into making sure everything goes as planned so you’re not ripping out your hair after spending $1,000s on a fence 🤬🤬 

Can 1 or 2 people really do ALL of this without dropping the ball?  

Especially when they’re super busy?

There's 2 Phases To Your
Contractor Relationship...

Before your deposit, and after your deposit.

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The Dating Phase

Before your Deposit...

Everyone’s on their best behavior so they can “seal the deal.”


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Initial Call

You probably want to talk to a human instead of voicemails.

That's why we have several people to answer the phones.


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Don't want to wait days and take time off of work just to see how much your fence will cost?

That's why we give you a ballpark right over the phone.


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Booking Your Job

Want to know that your job is in safe hands and is installed as planned?

That's why you have a project manager for a smooth transaction.

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The Marriage Phase

After your Deposit...

After they “put a ring on it” are they still going to treat you like before?

Or are they going to sit on the couch all day while you take care of everything?


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Scheduling Your Job

Don't want to worry that your install will happen as scheduled?

95% of jobs are installed on time or early.


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Ordering Materials

There's nothing worse than thinking your install is next week only to find out they forgot to order the materials.

That's why your dedicated project manager handles this.


utilities 1

Public Utilities Marked

Don't want to lose power, have a flood, or your sewer backup on your lawn?

That's why we call to have your public utilities marked out.


scheduling 1

Scheduling Crews

Nothing worse than a crew starting your job to only leave to finish up another job.

That's why we schedule one crew to be at your property and they stay with you until your install is done.


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Deliver Materials

Kind of need materials to show up for the job right?

That's why we stay on top of our suppliers to make sure they deliver as promised.


fence 1

Fence Installation

Finally! The only thing you thought you were buying!

Thank God we had everything else in place so this could happen as planned.


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After Install Quality Check

When you pay $1,000s for a fence you want it to installed correctly right?

That's why we inspect your fence after installation to make sure it's up to our standards.


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Ongoing Support After Install

When you're paying $1,000s you want to make sure your warranty is honored.

That's why we have our exclusive "1 Call 3 Year Warranty"

Want To avoid all the issues?

Go with Deptford Fence, we’re South Jersey’s most reliable fence company.

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Our HAPPY Customers

old fries

Everybody hates old soggy fries…

Fence companies are kind of like fast food companies.

There’s plenty of McDonald’s, Burger Kings, and Wendy’s…

…but there’s only one Chick-Fil-A.

Sure, you could go to one of the other places…

…and you might even get what you ordered.

But there’s a really good chance you’re getting some old soggy fries that ruins the rest of the meal.

And now you feel like you wasted your money and are stuck with a bad taste in your mouth.

Or you could have just went to Chick-Fil-A.

There you know you’re going to: 

  • Get exactly what you ordered.
  • Deal with friendly staff.
  • Get those hot waffle fries that no one else can deliver.

And if they happen to mess up, they fix the problem immediately with a smile, and give you one of those awesome cookies.

If you’re looking for a consistently great experience there’s only one choice.  Deptford Fence

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