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A wood fence offers protection and privacy while upgrading the aesthetic value of your home. However, wood fences also require frequent maintenance. During the first year of installation, it is usual to spot some splitting and wrapping. So once you install your wooden fence, make sure you maintain it properly.


Always choose the right materials for your wooden fence. Pick materials that are resistant to decay and rot. Using pressure-treated wood ensures that your fence stays free of water damage and bugs.

Remember to give your fence a good inspection, frequently. Inspect pickets for any loose nails so you can replace them or hammer them back. You should check for all broken or rotten pickets that you must replace.

Another important thing to do is check for insect damage. The fence should be free of vines and bushes, as this protects your fence from moisture. That is because they can attract moisture and insects.

Your wood fence is a valuable asset to your home. Here are a few tips to make sure the fence stays clean and free of debris all year round.


You can help your fence look brand, even if it is gray and old. Peel off the ‘old skin’ using a power washer. Again, use a washer which is rated from 1500-2111 psi, and stick to a fan spray. Once your fence gets dry, apply an exterior wood oil stain for preserving the new layer.

Protect your fence from rotting by applying a sealant. Use a premium-quality water-repellent sealant or a wood preserve sealant for offering stronger protection. Treating your fence helps you fix cracks and also improves the aesthetic appeal of your fence. In case you don’t paint your fence, you will have to use a sealant every year.


  • Clean your fence once or twice a year to keep it free of mildew and dirt.
  • Use a specially-formulated deck or fence cleaner and water for soaking the wood.
  • Buy or rent a pressure washer with a suitable rating or use a long-handled brush for scrubbing the fence.
  • Make sure you clean where the fence meets the ground.
  • Use a roller brush to paint or re-stain your fence.
  • Once you finish cleaning or re-painting your fence, let it completely dry.

As moisture increases the chances of rotting, beware of the sprinklers in your lawn, which can also cause the fence to lose its color. Place all sprinklers away from your wooden fence.

You can check whether it is time to re-seal, re-strain, or paint your fence if water starts to soak and does not bead up on your fence. That usually happens after two to five years after a sealing job.


The best part about wooden fences is that you can easily replace individual panels or pickets as a DIY project. The key is to choose the best products for cleaning, washing, and sealing your fence. Get in touch with us, and we will help you maintain your fence for years to come.

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